Keeping birth sacred by supporting you to achieve the natural birth you desire


Through my experience working as a midwife, having a hospital birth, a homebirth and 2 freebirths at home have I come to realise the most important person to be present at a birth, is a woman connected deeply to her body.

A woman connected to her ancestral knowledge and wisdom that lives within her body and soul.

And that woman to be the pregnant and birthing woman.

I see my role, as a woman who embodies this wisdom, to guide the pregnant and birthing woman into deeper connection with herself. To access her own body wisdom and ancestral knowledge to experience the birth her soul desires. To be a pillar in the room that trusts birth, trusts the body, trusts divinity.

I have chosen the title Birthkeeper as I see my role as one in keeping birth sacred. A protector of physiological birth. A space holder for women to birth on their own terms.

I choose not to support women planning a hospital birth as I believe women are unable to have a true physiological birth in a hospital.

Birth Support Package

My Birth Support Package is priced at $4000

This package includes:

  • Initial meet and greet – 1 hour (FREE)
  • 2-4 visits antenatally to build rapport, discuss birth plan & desires for birth (each visit 90-120 minutes)
  • Phone/message/email support during pregnancy and postnatally
  • Holistic birth planning and preparation
  • Optional nutritional advice/consult during pregnancy
  • On call 38-42 weeks
  • Support for labour and birth
  • FREE birth pool hire
  • Initial postnatal support
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Referral to other services and support as needed
  • 1-2 postnatal visits in early days/weeks
  • Any extra visits $120/hr